Our Butterfly Projects

The butterfly effect says that even the smallest of changes or events can result in some of the biggest changes or results later, and that's exactly what we hope to accomplish.  Our Butterfly Projects are the current non profit projects we hope to take on and make a difference in. Even if we're only making a little change at a time, we're confident that we'll accomplish big things.

Other Causes We Support


This Butterfly Project is aimed to help assist those who have lost children or young adults (under 18) to suicide. We will give what we can to help with funeral payments, burials, and other large expenses to families who are struggling with the costs during a difficult time.


This Butterfly Project is designed to help offer therapy or counseling to those who are suffering from depression or to those who have lost someone to suicide. Counseling will be offered at a variety of clinics and centers and the time will differentiate depending on the scenario.


This Butterfly Project is meant to help people through the means of music. Whether you're struggling with purchasing an instrument or are unable to pay for music lessons, we'd like to do what we can to help you make one of the most beautiful things in the world: the sound of music.

Help Where It's Needed

We appreciate each and every donation that comes our way. Donations made here are used to fuel whichever project we think needs it the most.  Thank you for your generosity!

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